Client-First Culture – First and Foremost

Without you – our Clients, Torrens would be unable to continue to achieve our own development goals. The commitment and trust you place in our firm and its professionals with your real estate requirements is our number one priority. Our culture puts our clients’ needs first and we will work tirelessly to achieve exceptional real estate results on your behalf. As your real estate partner, Torrens acts with loyalty, integrity and responsiveness to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. We thank you for your business and the confidence you place in us.


When it comes to real estate, strong performance is usually evaluated in terms of achieving the lowest possible occupancy costs or return on investment while maintaining maximum flexibility – all in locations that best serve the firm’s strategic and business objectives, the preferences of its personnel, and its corporate image. At Torrens we never lose sight of these key imperatives. Our strategic approach begins at an early stage in your business planning cycle and in a marketplace crowded with agents who are often too singularly focused on just closing deals, we make sure to balance a sense of urgency with a commitment to achieving superior results for our clients.


This term gets thrown around a lot. What does it mean to us? Put simply, that we intend to “walk the talk” when it comes to our commitments and adherence to each of our values. We also believe that no matter how complex the issues or challenges we may encounter, it should always be possible to develop a solution that enables us to do the right thing – both for us, and more importantly for you, our valued clients. This may sound idealistic, but when accompanied by the right execution it should also contribute to delivering the strongest business results.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

In part due to our in-depth understanding of current Sustainability (ESG) issues and best practices*, Torrens always strives to incorporate Corporate and Social Responsibility into everything we do. We not only build ESG principles into our corporate policies—we are also very conscious of continually developing a socially and environmentally responsible ethos which informs our company’s culture and therefore each of the many decisions we make every day.


We listen closely to our clients and build a strategy with them to deliver the best and most efficient real estate solutions. Torrens recognizes that your time is valuable so our processes and activities are never more complicated than required. At any stage of our engagement our deliverables and communications must add clear and meaningful value. We start by working with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the desired objectives and work backward to build the most effective plan to achieve them.

*Please also visit the dedicated section of our website for more information regarding Torrens’ Sustainability / ESG services.